Production Units Have Arrived!

Production Units Have Arrived!

Production units have arrived and we are starting to fulfill pre-orders to ship this weekend! I’ve been working hard to organize all of the garments for easy packing and shipping, and I’m so proud of how everything turned out. My only regret is missing out on the branding update we made late last year, so this production run has previous branding on the label.

If you end up getting one of the first production run garments, they will be collector’s items some day with the old branding on them! Ha!

We are also taking this opportunity to update the RTQ Apparel website with new pricing. Using a very technical fabric from Italy that incorporates all the benefits of silver yarns, I still hold fast that the value of the WATT Baselayer garments are extremely high. But the more that we hear from our community, the more and more I want to be able to help professional travelers by getting the garments into more hands. More accessible pricing means it’ll be easier to buy for more people.

Make sure to check out the updates on the product pages today!

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