Apparel Line Update

Apparel Line Update

This is my first weekly post about the progress of my Travel Apparel Line development! I am so excited to be sharing the details of this project with you all, and I hope to create excitement and anticipation for the launch. If you’re interested in receiving regular updates about the line, please sign up for my weekly newsletter, which will share my progress every Wednesday.

To give you a little background on what I'm working on, my idea is to create an ideal "travel uniform" for women. I will eventually also build out a similar line for men, but I am starting with a very small budget. This does mean that I need to be very discerning about my initial target customer, and I believe that women will be faster to embrace the collection.

I want to create a capsule of apparel that people will consistently grab from their closet and wear when they're heading to the airport, to wear on the plane. The garments will be soft, comfortable and flattering. I also find that dressing up and looking professional at the airport can result in better service and sometimes even upgrades! So the line will also be designed around the idea that you don’t have to be uncomfortable to look buttoned up. The idea of this line is based on my extensive travel experience throughout my career, and is built around what I now always wear when I travel by air.

The eventual line will have a baselayer legging and fitted tee, a dress pant, a traditional button-down shirt and a wrap sweater. At this point, I'm doing fabric research on the first four pieces. I will most likely push the sweater to a later launch. Bags, socks, accessories and additional garments will be considered once we gain some momentum.

So far, I’ve completed my initial line plan and put together my budget. I’ve reached out to two fabric mills that I’m hoping to work with on the collection, and I’ve spoken to a production manufacturer in Los Angeles that feels like a match made in heaven for my line. Swatches and header cards of fabric options are on the way from both mills as we speak, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Once fabrics are chosen, I will be able to start visualizing the garment designs better, and will start to make some prototypes. That is when the real fun begins, so stay tuned! There is so much more to come throughout this year…

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