Apparel Line Update_2.16.22

Apparel Line Update_2.16.22

Today was an exciting step forward for my apparel development process! I've made some choices on fabrics (coming from Italy in the next few weeks) and I've reached out to my potential factory for a new process quote. I'm crossing my fingers that all the numbers align just right, and I'm able to get started on sample creation with them soon.

Here are the three items that I've decided to start with:

  1. Baselayer Protective Legging

  2. Baselayer Protective Fitted Tee

  3. Stretch Business Skinny Pant

I know the names need more work! For now, I'm just using these as place-holders. ha!

More to come soon on what "Protective" means and how it could soon become essential for those of us who travel by airplane on a regular basis. I'm digging into some serious research documents about this protection now, and how it might help to prevent or at least alleviate jet-lag issues.

A trip to LA to visit the factory and meet with the team there might be next on my list, which I could not be more excited for! Timing is everything at this stage of the game though, so I'm continuing to keep my "planning" hat on while we work through budget and process first. I want to jump right in, but need to make sure I'm being smart about the up-front fees. Here's hoping everything goes great over the next couple of months and I can keep sending out positive updates!!

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