April 2022 Apparel Line Update

April 2022 Apparel Line Update

I finally have my plan in place for the initial launch of my apparel line! I’ve chosen two amazing fabrics and two key products that we plan to launch for Women-Led Wednesday in November, which is the day before Thanksgiving. We then hope to spark additional sales for Small Business Saturday, propelling us into the Holidays. Here are some of the details for our key partners in this project:


Based out of Como, Italy, the family owned and operated woven fabric mill of Taiana will be a key provider of our fabrics. Prioritizing sustainability and eco-friendly options across their entire line of materials, Taiana puts an emphasis on research and technology to reduce its carbon footprint. Oeko-Tex certified, Taiana sets increasingly ambitious goals every year, guaranteeing a growing attention in the environmental field in every phase of their material production processes.

Their implementation of various “WATT” fabrications to their line now also offers solutions that offer thermoregulation, moisture transfer, protection from electromagnetic radiation and also have antimicrobial properties.It is durable and has been used for its healing properties for decades. These fabrics will offer a unique solution for our line, like nothing else out on the market today.



Bomme Studio is a contract clothing manufacturer that believes in fair labor and sustainable business practices. Their mission is to provide high-quality ethical labor for clothing brands and fashion designers that want to revolutionize the fashion supply chain both domestically and beyond.

Located in LA, we will be excited to partner with a like-minded USA manufacturer only a few hours away from our home base! Bomme Studio has joined together with other LA apparel brands to figure out solutions to end sweatshop labor and reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. They also source their trims and additional materials from a 10-mile radius of their downtown office. In 2022, they are working to gain their Plastic Neutral certification.

As we work toward solidifying a name for the line and securing funding for the initial purchase orders, we will be sure to keep you updated with the progress. Soon, we’ll be reaching out to find some brand ambassadors who can help us to test the product, advise on improvements before final production and get the word out to potential customers. If you’re interested in becoming a brand ambassador this Summer, please join our mailing list for regular updates: https://www.bluejeansandbeaches.com/coming-soon.

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