Bucket List Days on Bali

Bucket List Days on Bali

I started a daily yoga practice back in 2011 while we were living in the Dallas, Texas area. I was one of the regular attendees of the 6:00am hot yoga crew who were dedicated to making their practice a part of their identity. Yoga helped me immensely during a transitional period in my life, and it became a dream of mine to someday travel overseas to extend my practice globally.

In July of 2017, I checked that item off of my bucket list.

As one of my first major trips managing a new team at my company, I’d arranged for my two team members and myself to do an extremely ambitious factory tour in Asia. We started in Shanghai, made our way to Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and eventually on to Jakarta. Flying home to the States from Indonesia can be a very long trip, so we decided to tag on two extra days on Bali before heading back.

The owner of our factory in Jakarta knew Indonesia extremely well, and one of his daughters lived on Bali as a resident. Through their amazing kindness and help, we were arranged to stay at the Desa Seni Village Resort. Sometimes, I think this place might have been a dream. Booked by yoga teachers all over the world as a training facility and daily class oasis, Desa Seni provided the rest, relaxation and rejuvenation I needed after two long weeks working with our factories. Starting with a yoga class every morning, followed by pool time, the BEST fish tacos I’ve ever eaten, fruit smoothies and spa treatments, we all fell in love with this place. I often think about going back to this exact spot to take more time to explore more of Bali and fill my heart with the joy it brought me.

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