Fallen for Boulder

Fallen for Boulder

It was inevitable that Boulder would soon start calling to my heart again. I’m not even sure that I can put into words how much I love this area of Colorado, as every time I’m there I just feel like I’m “home.” The people from Boulder to Fort Collins to Denver and Colorado Springs all just seem to feel like kindred spirits. When we lived there for four years, my husband and I would just look at each other every week and say, “Can you believe that we LIVE here?” The mountains are calming and humbling, and while the weather can be freezing and snowy, the sunshine somehow still makes you feel warm.


While I could probably write several different series of posts about Colorado (and maybe I will!), I’ll focus here on my top five favorite places in Boulder, proper. I’m hoping to hop on a plane sometime soon to actually head back and see these places again in person!


The Boulder Farmers Market

Even though we lived southeast of Boulder and it took me twenty minutes longer to get there than the grocery store, I attended the Boulder Farmers Market nearly every Saturday morning that we lived there. Ranked as one of the best Farmers Markets in the country, it spans a full block of both Canyon Blvd. and 13th Street. Produce, baked goods, coffee, honey, hot sauce and pasta were just a few of the many booths that showed up each week. And every other weekend, they also held a small Craft Fair on the opposite side of 13th Street where you could shop for local artists’ treasures. I’m not sure why, but no other city’s Farmers Market has ever drawn me in like this one did. The people are friendly, their pets are well behaved and the prices are fair. Definitely check out this spot, even if it’s just for your morning coffee and a croissant on Saturday morning for breakfast.

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