Feel Confident in RTQ Apparel

Feel Confident in RTQ Apparel

Have you ever put on a new outfit, looked in the mirror and thought, “Damn, I look good!” It changes your entire day. There’s a little swagger in your walk and a knowing smile on your face because you just feel so great. The confidence that an amazing fitting outfit can give you is like nothing else.

When the RTQ Apparel wear testers started sending me messages letting me know they were feeling this way in their WATT Baselayer Kit, I was ecstatic! The black compression fabric is hugging them in all the right places, causing them to spend a few extra minutes in front of the mirror whenever they put it on, turning to see their body from all different angles. 

Imagine having this feeling whenever you travel for work. Confidence in abundance before your flight and any meetings you have that day could turn into a great presentation, a win-win deal or your best job interview. When we feel good about ourselves, the opportunities to exceed expectations are endless. 

Confidence is defined as: a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. Let’s appreciate all of our assets every day, especially our asses in our compression tights!

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