Hi, I'm Rachel

Hi, I'm Rachel

Hello, and welcome to my website and Travel Blog page! My name is Rachel, and I could not be more excited to start my journey into the amazing, wide world of Travel Writing.

I have been a “Travel Love-Bug” since I was a little girl, counting down the days and hours until my parents would pack us all up in the car or (even better!) take us to the airport for a flight to a new destination. Growing up in the Midwest, I quickly fell in love with any trip that involved a beach, sunshine and palm trees. It has become a lifelong pursuit of mine to see and explore as many beach towns, islands and ocean views as I can.

As an adult, I have had the sincere pleasure to travel quite a bit for my work, seeing parts of the world through the lens of my career. It has taken me to places like Shanghai, Istanbul, San Salvador, Hong Kong, Bali and Hanoi. It has given me a thirst for knowledge about the world and a huge desire to see as much of it as I can. It is my mission to put more stamps in my passport and get back to travelling in 2022, after a couple of years’ hiatus due to the pandemic.

Throughout my many years of travelling, I’ve had the opportunity to develop a “go-to” routine, outfit and packing method that helps me to keep my adventures simple to plan and execute. I’ve tried so many variations of what to wear on a 14-hour flight or how to pack the smallest carry-on bag possible, and I have a few tips and tricks that I can share by now. And as an Apparel Designer / Developer by trade, I’m going to be working to create some items that I believe will become favorites of so many travelers in the years to come.

Starting today, my goal is to be doing weekly posts to share my past travel experiences, my progress on the apparel line, and stay up to date with any current or future travel plans. I look forward to connecting with other like-minded people in this amazing space! I am already inspired by some of the most beautiful photography and exciting stories I’ve ever seen, just by searching for other Travel Bloggers and Writers online. It is a dream come true for me to be joining this community.

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