Layering the WATT Baselayer Kit

Layering the WATT Baselayer Kit

While the WATT Baselayer Kit was designed in a way that allows them to be worn by themselves, they are first and foremost true baelayers. Think of them as technical, long underwear that help regulate your body temperature and heart rate. Amazing, right?!

Whenever I travel, I wear the compression tights and body fit tee underneath some other key pieces of my travel uniform. First, I pull on a pair of joggers that are made from a windproof material. When I’m sitting in my plane seat and the air vent is blowing on me, the material helps to keep the cool air from getting through. This pants layer also helps to make me feel more comfortable because I sometimes prefer not to wear leggings all the time. 

My next go-to travel uniform piece is a soft, oversized wrap sweater. I’ve had different iterations of this dream sweater throughout my career, but it always serves as a kind of blanket with pockets on my flights. A few of these sweaters have been worn so often that I’ve completely worn them out. It’s my goal to eventually develop a durable and long-lasting wrap sweater for the RTQ Apparel line that will become your favorite, too.

Last but not least, compression socks and comfy slip-on shoes round out my travel uniform. RTQ Apparel travel compression socks with silver yarns are probably the next item coming to our website, but since the compression leggings are already providing such a benefit, we’ll be taking our time to get those just right.

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