Let's Go Rome!

Let's Go Rome!

In September of 2017, my husband and I took our first trip to Rome. It had been a lifelong dream of mine to visit this city, and although I’d been to Italy a few times for work, I was never far enough South to hit this amazing city on my itinerary. I’ll admit that we debated quite a bit between Paris or Rome for our first big trip together to Europe, but I’m so glad that we chose Rome!

Throughout the city, we found the locals to be friendly and easy-going. We did not run into a single situation where our English was not accepted and returned with a smile. The sites throughout the city are as massive and impressive as we hoped they would be, not a single one turning out to disappoint.

We stayed at the Boutique Hotel Campo De’ Fiori, and it was the perfect spot for us. Steps away from the daily outdoor farmer’s market, bustling with tourists, vendors and shoppers, we had chosen an idyllic location. The concierge at the hotel was one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, and he kept trying to teach us more and more Italian whenever we came through the lobby. He sent coffee or drinks up to the rooftop terrace for us whenever we wanted, and was genuinely enthusiastic about showing us which restaurants, shops and tourist spots to visit. From our hotel doorstep, we were able to walk to all of our chosen destinations, and only had to hail a taxi on the morning we were heading to the train station with our bags. Whenever we head back to Rome next, we will be staying there again.

Our itinerary started with a long flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt, where we had a short layover before hopping on our flight to Rome. Landing at 11am local time, I’d arranged for a car to pick us up. Standing there with our name on a placard as we exited the terminal, our driver helped us with our bags and drove us into the city. As our heads bobbed in the back seat and the cobblestones rattled around below us, we tried to battle our jet lag while he pointed out all of the amazing landmarks we were passing. It was as if we’d booked ourselves an immediate tour guide! He was wonderful and extremely friendly. I always recommend booking a car for your arrival transportation. Hailing a taxi, uber or figuring out the local transportation when you’re tired from the flight can be frustrating and intimidating.


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