Mexico AI Resorts: Rachel's Top 3

Mexico AI Resorts: Rachel's Top 3

Without a doubt, one of my favorite ways to vacation is at All-Inclusive resorts. The very first vacation that my husband and I took together was at a small All-Inclusive hotel, and we loved our experience. It honestly comes down to one main perk: I never have to worry about carrying any money with me on this type of vacation. I don’t have to carry a bag or a wallet as long as I’m on the resort grounds, and it just simplifies every single moment of our vacation time together.

For the majority of our All-Inclusive vacations, we’ve headed to Mexico. Staring at that aqua blue water shimmering in the hot sun on a Mexico beach is my definition of relaxation. And while I know that there are so many beautiful islands and beaches around the world for me to still explore, Mexico is an easy airplane ride away from California. So I’m not spending very much time or budget on the travel time itself. Of the places we’ve stayed in Mexico, I’ll rank my top three for you here:

#3: Vallarta Palace, Puerto Vallarta

This resort is no longer a Palace Resort, and has turned into the Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta since we visited there. So I can’t speak to the newest renovations. But from what I’ve read online, many of the same amazing features of the hotel are still there. This was the location of our wedding and honeymoon back in 2010, and we loved our stay there so much. As a Palace Resort, the hotel was busy with guests, but never felt too loud or raucous. Our time there was restful and most activities throughout the hotel were readily available for us to enjoy. The food at the Vallarta Palace was some of the best we’d ever eaten at that time in our lives, and we still try to replicate their coffee and tequila afternoon drinks at home.

I will hold this resort in my heart forever because it was the location where I tied the knot with the love of my life. It was where we held residency prior to our ceremony and where we stayed for an extra week to enjoy our full honeymoon. I still have photos all over my walls that came from this resort, and it will be remembered by us for the rest of our lives.


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