Top 5 Tips for Preventing that Travel Cold

Top 5 Tips for Preventing that Travel Cold

As I’m sure you can all tell by now, I love to travel. From packing to travel days and everything in between, the adventure of travel is a passion of mine. But for many years, I had issues with getting sick on almost every single trip I took. No matter where I went, how I got there or got home, I would inevitably end up with a cold after it was all said and done.

This happened more often whenever I visited friends or family with kids, but even when I’d travel for work or for a quiet vacation with just my husband, I knew to be prepared with cold medicine when I arrived back home.

Being around so many people in airports and train stations, and then being enclosed in small spaces with them during transit is a huge reason for this issue, and I know I’m not the only one who deals with it. On top of that, stress, fatigue, dehydration and jet-lag from flying can work against your immune system on travel days.

So what can you do to stay healthier when you travel? Here are some of my best tips and tricks, which has actually started to prevent me from getting sick when I travel these days!

Daily Airborne Doses
  • Especially when I travel to visit friends or family with kids now, I bring a full bottle of Airborne Gummies with me and I take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening, every day that I’m gone. The extra Vitamins and Immune-Boosting ingredients keep my body ready to fight all kinds of germs surrounding me.

Daily Emergen-C Packets
  • This might seem like overkill after I’m already taking so much Airborne every day, but I also drink a glass of water with an Emergen-C Packet in it at lunch every day I’m traveling. Not only does it give me another extra boost of vitamins, but it keeps me on a good hydration plan to remember to include another glass of water.

Wear a Mask
    • Of course we’re all excited to ditch those itchy uncomfortable masks that we had to wear for the last two years, but I’ve decided to keep wearing one when I fly. Sitting so close to your seat-mates on a plane or train puts whatever germs they’re carrying so close to your body. As a more widely recognized habit now, to wear a mask at all, this is likely a solution I will stick to for years to come.

    Hand Sanitizer and Wipes
      • I carry a bottle of hand sanitizer and a package of sanitizing wipes with me everywhere I go, but especially when I travel these days. It’s just not possible for every surface you come in contact with to be cleaned by airport staff or crew all the time, so I like to make sure to wipe down my eating surfaces and sanitize my hands before I touch my eyes, food or face.

      Social Distancing Awareness
        • Social Distancing in an airport, at the gate or on the plane might not be completely possible, but I like to try and stay as aware of it as i can. If people are starting to crowd around a gate to board the plane, I’ll sometimes walk to a separate area where I can still see the gate, hear the announcements but have a little more personal space around me.

        The Covid-19 Pandemic, for better or worse, did teach us all about best practices in staying healthy. And although many of the restrictions have been lifted and are no longer mandatory, we can all choose to continue using these skills if we want to. After all, it’s so much better in my opinion to spend a day being diligent than spend a week knocked out with a cold or the flu when I get home.

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