Travel for Business: Hong Kong

Travel for Business: Hong Kong

One of my favorite cities in the world is Hong Kong. I’ve traveled through this global hub many times throughout my career, and have come to think of it as one of my “home bases.” I’ve stayed in several different hotels around the city, but my very favorite is The Prince Hotel by Marco Polo Hotels. It’s easy to walk there from the China Ferry Terminal and their rooms are comfortable and inviting. They always have an cheeseburger waiting for me after multiple weeks of being away from home, along with a nice cold beer. Best of all, from their location, it’s easy to walk throughout the city and explore anything you could ever wish to do.

From gardens to high end shopping and some of the best restaurants in the world, Hong Kong is a diverse and amazing city to visit. Some of my favorite spots in Hong Kong, in no particular order:


Kowloon Park Chinese Gardens

  • As soon as you enter the gardens, you immediately feel like you’re in a different place. The surrounding city sounds and concrete greys are replaced with bird calls and lush greenery all around you. Their aviary is spectacular to visit and they often have amazing sculptures and art throughout the area.

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