We are Back!

We are Back!

Just a week ago, I celebrated the first Anniversary of Unmarked Street being in business. It was a great time of reflection for me, as I have learned so much since October 2021.


In looking back on the past year of leading my own business, I had the chance to come back to some of the basics that I’d put in place originally, but then drifted away from as the business grew. One of my passions has always been writing, and I’ve been writing little books, poems and everything in between since I was a little girl. So the number one task I really wanted to put back on my plate was my blog. After months of posting on the blog 1-2 times each week, it started to feel like a bit of a chore in early 2022, so I put it down. We focused instead on writing copy and creating content for Instagram to get our following going, and that has been an amazing new form of writing that I’ve had the opportunity to learn. But I’m so excited to announce now that:


The blog is back!


The Right ¾ Travel Blog will focus its efforts on short but informative content on my past travels, tips and tricks I’ve come up with over the years and local California love! We will also continue featuring the Apparel Line’s progress as we get it up and running for sale late this year.


Stay tuned with me every Monday as we move forward with this new plan. I’m so happy to be sharing my knowledge again in my own natural way, and look forward to meeting more of you through its teachings.


Have a blog post or content idea? Something you’d like to learn about or ask me? Be sure to head over to my website and shoot me a message!



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