Wear Test Garments Shipped!

Wear Test Garments Shipped!

I am so excited to announce that our wear test samples have been received, and they are all packaged up for our testers! We have 14 amazing women who have signed up as volunteers to help me test the first production run of RTQ Apparel’s baselayer kits. During the sampling process, as many of you may remember, we had a few issues with thread tension, fit and construction. In reviewing the samples I received, it looks like all of these issues have been fixed and the production units are of the highest quality I could have hoped for!

This wear test is going to be a 4-week minimum test, where I have asked each volunteer to wear their garments twice a week and wash their garments once a week. Coming out of the full review, each tester will have multiple unique wear reports and I am most interested in understanding how the garments fair through home washing techniques. Our care instructions request that our customers hang the garments to dry, but we are testing all different scenarios to ensure any situation will keep the integrity of our garments intact.

We also have two testers who will be monitoring their heart rate information while wearing the WATT baselayer kits, to see how it helps with their health statistics. The silver yarns in our fabric have been tested in Italy, and are proven to lower heart rate while protecting the body from EMF radiation. This protective fabric ultimately results in reduced anxiety, improved sleep patterns and reduction in jet lag. Now, we’re going to see what that looks like in our testers’ tracking apps.

Last but not least, our garments will be traveling to different countries throughout the month of wear testing, and our amazing team will be making sure they function properly through airport security. When evaluating our competitors who offer similar options, we've heard that their garments cannot be worn through the body scanners at airports. We tested our fabrics throughout the development process to ensure that wouldn't be the case for RTQ Apparel, but we are validating that information now, and cannot wait to bring you all the results.

While our wear test is happening, our website is open and ready to take pre-orders. If you'd like to get 15% off the retail price of these high-end, quality, health improving garments, head over to the website today! Not only will you get a discount, but it will also guarantee delivery to you no later than April 2023. If we sell through garments during pre-sale, it will take us some time to refill inventory. so make sure you grab yours now! 

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