Ours vs. theirs

Upclose, detail show of WATT apparel collection

Why Silver?

Silver fiber is attracting attention by its unique benefits!
•It is antibacterial
•It is a natural deodorant to help prevent smells from permeating the fabric
•It has electromagnetic wave radiation shielding properties
•It is antistatic and has heat regulating functions to help regulate your body temperature

Performance advantages:
 • Broad-spectrum antibacterial
• Quick sterilization - reduce bacteria within one hour
• Long lasting – Silver ions can be sterilized repeatedly, giving textiles permanent antibacterial properties.
• Safety - It is not chemical treatment, nor nanotechnology, there is no drug resistance problem of bacteria, and it is non-toxic.

About RTQ

We believe that clothes should fit the body comfortably and purposefully. The RTQ Apparel Team members all come directly from Design, Development and Production departments in the fashion and performance apparel industry. Collectively, we have over 50 years of experience engineering garments for ideal fit on the body, and we bring that expertise to RTQ Apparel as our primary mission. Because of our expertise in creating high quality apparel, we are also very picky about our fabric choices. Sourcing performance woven fabrics from Italy, we are partnering with Kinetech Fabrics to provide revolutionary fabric technology in a silky, stretchy solution. We refused to accept anything less than soft during our fabric sourcing process, as we know how uncomfortable it can be to wear scratchy, tight or ill fitting garments while traveling all day.

The wardrobe we are building out will be the only garments you ever need to buy for your travel days ahead. In our mission for sustainable development processes at our company, we are purposefully starting slowly to reduce waste, shipping miles and excess product manufacturing. Introducing the first two, most important pieces to you first is a key decision we made when launching our timeline. The WATT Compression Legging and Body Fit Tee can be worn under any travel clothes you prefer, while we work to design and build the outer layers for release in years to come. These baselayers will provide health benefits any time they’re worn, and are the foundation of the full collection.

Our Founder Rachel

Throughout her twenty-year career in the Apparel Industry, Rachel Erickson spent many days and hours traveling for work. In situations where a trip could be announced and planned just a few days ahead of a departure date, it was important for her to find a simplified way to prepare for business trips.

After several years of trying different outfits, a travel “uniform” started to form and it became her go-to collection of garments for any days spent flying. Always starting with a compressive layer of leggings and a performance t-shirt, the other pieces were layered on top for warmth and professionalism. Her experience with these clothes improved and became so crucial to her travel process. It is now her mission to bring her easy wardrobe system to other professional women who travel for business.

Rachel has traveled to various cities in 13 different countries, and her bucket list contains so many more adventures for the future. She loves exploring new locations around the world, eating local foods, learning local culture and picking up new languages along the way.